We are equipped with plenty of advanced equipment including: Cam machine, CNC lathes, Cross-cutting machine, tapping machine, Drilling machine, CCD inspection machine, etc.

CNC machine / Cam machine / Auto tapping machine / Thread rolling machine / Cross-sloting Machine / Punching machine
 Cam machine
 Cam machine
 Auto tapping machine
 Thread rolling machine
 Cross-sloting Machine
 Punching machine

CCD inspection machine / Rohs measuring instrument / 2.5D Projector / Projector / Polishing Machine / Surface roughness measuring instrument / Precise cutting Machine / Rockwell Type Hardness Tester / Vicker_s Hardness Tester / Mounting Press Machine
 CCD inspection machine
 Rohs measuring instrument
 2.5D Projector
 Polishing Machine
 Surface roughness measuring instrument
 Precise cutting Machine
 Rockwell Type Hardness Tester
 Vicker_s Hardness Tester
 Mounting Press Machine
 Torque test machine
 Universal test machine (Pull-push force test)